Kerala Geography: Midlands and Undulated Laterite Terrain (ULT)of Kerala 

Kerala Geography: Midlands and Undulated Laterite Terrain (ULT)of Kerala 

Kerala Geography: Midlands and Undulated Laterite Terrain (ULT)of Kerala 

  • This forms an area of gently undulating topography with hillocks and mounds.
  • Laterite capping is commonly noticeable on the top of these hillocks.
  • The low, flat- topped hillocks forming the laterite plateau range in altitude from 30- 200m and are observed between coastal low- land and the foothills.
  • It covers about 40 percent of the total land area of Kerala.
  • Central Midlands lies between the Eastern Highlands and Western Coastal Plains.
  • Most of the paddy fields of Kerala belongs to central Midlands. It mostly consists of Alluvial soil
  • Undulated Laterite Terrain (ULT) Kerala is the home of the laterite as it was first named by the Dutch traveller, Buchanan 1807.
  • Laterite is widespread in its distribution in the midland region of Malappuram, Kannur and Kasaragod districts where it forms well-defined.
  • The Archaean crystalline rocks and the Tertiary sedimentary rocks are extensively lateritised.
  • A few bauxitic patches also occur within the laterites.
  • ULT connects the Western Ghats and the Coastal Plain. They are evolved through:
  • Pedimentation
  • Laterisation
  • Parallel slope retreat
  • Valley formation
  • Expansion of aggregational plain
  • These lands are not suitable for regular cultivation due to hard caps and are left like a wasteland in most cases. Kannur and Kasaragod possess the maximum of this type of wasteland.
  • Narrow alluvial valleys indented into laterite landscape give rise to undulated landforms, where ridges and valleys are alluvial. These valleys have developed along the east-west running rivers and streams.
  • Plantation crops like cashew, rubber, coconut and various other tree crops, tapioca and pepper are grown well in this area.

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