Which is better: SSC or Bank PO?

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Which is better: SSC or Bank PO?

Both the SSC exams and the Bank PO exams are popular among aspirants as both offer attractive career opportunities which come with a number of benefits like handsome salary, paid leaves, festive leaves, etc. every year lots of students and aspiring candidates apply for both the SSC examination and the Bank PO exam.

But as the popularity of these examinations is on the rise, many aspirants are also confused regarding the choice between SSC and Bank PO exam. While both exams provide great job opportunities, the sectors are different and so is the job profile. Therefore, if you are wondering which way to go through, this article will help you to make a choice between the SSC examination and the Bank PO examination.

What is the difference between the SSC exam and Bank PO exam?

There are some significant differences between the SSC exam and the bank exam and if you want to make the right choice for your career it is highly important that you understand these differences.

The SSC or Staff Sector Commission conducts the different SSC exams each year for aspirants who want to work in the government sector. The job positions offered through the different SSC exams are varied including ministry jobs, jobs in the government offices or organisations. As government jobs are the most sought after in our country, the SSC examinations are taken by an increasing number of candidates every year, out of which only a few clear the exams in the first attempt.

Bank PO exams are conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel every year along with other bank exams for different positions in the banking sectors. These exams are different for government and private banks. These exams are also one of the most sought after and clearing them will take you one step forward in the banking sector.

As for the differences between the SSC exam and the Bank PO, there are many— different syllabus, different job profiles, the work environment is different, work pressure is different, working hours and salaries are also different. But the main difference between the two is that SSC exams are strictly for the government sector and only those aspirants seeking jobs in the government sector while the bank PO exams can give you a government job if you acquire a position in the government bank. But there is also an option of applying to private banks through Bank PO exams.

SSC or Bank PO?

Now comes the real question, which one do you choose? SSC or Bank PO? The right choice to make completely depends on you. After looking at the differences you need to decide which exam will take you to the career of your choice and then apply to the one that seems suitable.

If you are looking for a job in a purely government sector then the right choice is to apply to the SSC exam, but if you are an aspirant who wants to join the banking sector then Bank PO exam is the way to go. Whichever choice you make, remember to keep in mind what your likes and strengths are and which career will suit you better.

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