What not to do During an Interview?

What not to do During an Interview

What not to do During an Interview?

If you want a job in any sector or any field, going through an interview successfully is the first step. Up until the interview phase, your resume and your credentials are the ones getting you ahead, but those are not the only things that will help you pass the interview.

In fact the interviewer already knows about your qualifications because that’s why you are giving the interview in the first place. What the interviewer would test is how well you can apply your knowledge and how well you can work under pressure among other things.

10 things you should not do during an interview

You can have all the knowledge in the world and still fail an interview because knowledge is not the only thing judged by the interviewer. Here are 10 things that you should not do during an interview.

1. Having no clue about the company or organisation

When you apply to a company and are called for an interview, you should have some prior knowledge about the company. The interviewer will definitely ask you why you chose to apply to their company so you should do some research about the company you are applying to.

If you show up for the interview blank and clueless about the organisation you want to work with in the future, it shows that you are not even aware about what you are going to discuss and a company would not want to hire someone who comes up unprepared because it also makes them doubt your level of dedication towards the job.

2. Turning up late for the interview

Turning up late for an interview is one of the worst mistakes you can commit during an interview. As long as you have a genuine reason and pre inform your interviewer about the same, your interviewer is not going to like you turning up late for the interview.

3. Turning up too early

As much as turning up late for an interview can have a bad impact on your interview, so can turning up too early. According to experts, turning up too early can also send a bad sign that you have a lot of free time and that can make you less desirable for the job.

4. Not be presentable

You need to clean up good in sense of your looks as well before turning up to the interview, because showing up in unprofessional clothes or being too casual may leave a bad impression on the interviewer.

5. Have a poor body language

You need to focus on your body language as well while showing up for an interview. A good eye contact, good posture, professional yet relaxed body language will help you make a good impression.

6. Not being clear with your answers

It is important that you are clear and firm with your answers and don’t fumble a lot through the interview. If you fumble too much, the interviewer will feel a lack of confidence that may work against you.

7. Talking bad about your previous employer

If you talk negatively about your current or previous employer and complain too much, it will leave a bad impression on the interviewer.

8. Not asking questions

Your interview is an interaction with the interviewer, so you should not only answer their questions but ask them questions about the job and your role as well. If you don’t ask questions, it may leave an impression that you are not interested.

9. Getting too personal

Even when your interviewer seems friendly, it is advised not to get too comfortable and personal with them. Remember it is still a professional interaction.

10. Discussing salary and vacation time too soon

Unless your interview is done and you have been offered a position, you should not discuss money or even vacation and time off.

Remember that if you want to be successful in an interview, you need to be your best self and avoid things that may annoy your interviewer and make them reject you.

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