Tips to Prepare for Reasoning Ability

Tips to Prepare for Reasoning Ability
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Tips to Prepare for Reasoning Ability

When preparing for competitive exams, you need to take various aspects into consideration. Reasoning ability is one such important aspect of the competitive exams. In fact, it is tested in all types of competitive exams including SSC, bank, railway and other competitive exams.

Not sure how to prepare for this? Here are a few tips that can help you:

1. Simplify things

There are different aspects that are involved in the reasoning ability. Blood relations, analogy and syllogisms are all a little complicated. So the first step will be to try to simplify them and focus towards finding the solution to the problem in front of you.

2. Focus on the solution

When faced by questions involving coding and decoding, people tend to be focused more on the problem instead of the solution. This makes the problem even more complicated. So instead of overthinking the problem, start to think about the solution and all the ways that will help you to reach the solution.

3. Solve more puzzles and quizzes

Solving puzzles and quizzes will help you increase your sense of focus and concentration and will help to increase your reasoning ability. Practising on a daily basis will improve your reasoning and help you excel in the reasoning ability exam.

4. Focus on your weak areas

Reasoning ability consists of input-output, coding-decoding, syllogisms, blood relations, seating arrangements, logical reasoning, direction sense, order making and inequalities. Improve your reading skills and focus more on your weak areas to get a better chance at performing well in the reasoning ability exam.

5. Solve easier questions first

Try to attempt the easier questions at the start so that you are left with more time to solve the harder ones later. Usually the input-output, coding decoding, syllogisms and blood relations topics are harder. So try to attempt the questions based on all the other topics first and attempt these harder ones later.

Having the presence of mind and good analysis and reasoning skills will help you to do well in the reasoning ability part of the competitive exam. To make it easier, make sure you follow the tips we’ve discussed!

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