Tips for KAS Mains Answer Writing

Tips for KAS Mains Answer Writing
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Tips for KAS Mains Answer Writing

In KAS Exam, Mains is very important since its mark is taken into account for the final rank list preparation. There are some important things that should be kept in mind before the KAS Mains Preparation. In this article, we are dealing with some important tips for KAS Mains Answer Writing. 

Use of Keywords

Each Mains descriptive question has some keyword. We can use these keywords to highlights the important point. It will increase our scores. Always try to highlight the keyword by underlining it. 

Write complete answers

Before starting writing approach the answer from 360 degrees. This multi-dimensional approach will give a complete answer, thus it will help in getting more scores. 

Simple language

Use simple and error-free language. Your writing should be clear, complete and concise. Avoid flowery language that will reduce marks.

Presentation of answer

The presentation of your answer is very important. Try to write answers in neat and legible handwriting. Use headings, subheadings, points, pictorial representation, tables, figures wherever necessary. These will increase the quality of your answers.


Practice Makes a Man Perfect. Mains Answer writing is an art. In order to get high marks, practise answer writing regularly.

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