Time Management Tips for Bank Exams

Time Management Tips for Bank Exams

Time Management Tips for Bank Exams

Time management is a critical factor in any competitive exams including the bank exams. Many candidates end up making mistakes due to the pressure of solving the exam in a certain amount of time. This also often results in failure to successfully crack the exam. Therefore, time management is an important skill which every candidate appearing for bank exams should learn.

In order to learn these time management skills, aspiring candidates are often asked to solve previous year question papers or mock tests which would potentially help them to improve their speed and complete the exam successfully in the given time period.

Through this article, we will have a look at some more tips which would help the candidates to manage their time better and improve their overall performance in the bank exams.

What Time Management Tips can be Used in the Bank Exams?

Different bank exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI assistant, RBI grade B, etc. are conducted every year and the authorities have set a certain time limit in which the candidates have to complete the exam. The candidates also need to read and understand the questions within the overall time limit. Therefore, time management is very critical as far as such exams go.

But if the candidates smartly use some tips and tricks to manage time, it is possible to learn this skill. In order to do so, let’s look at the following tips for time management in bank exams:

  • The moment a candidate receives their question paper, the first task should be to go through the entire question paper and decide which questions might be a bit easier to solve. These questions should be attempted first as they will be less time consuming and it will give the candidate some confidence moving forward in the exam.
  • As there is a time limit to solve the paper, it might not be possible to attempt all questions correctly. So, it is important that the candidate aims to attempt maximum questions correctly and leave the ones they are not confident about instead of wasting time. This will also save the candidate from negative marking.
  • There are about four sections in the bank exams which are all equally important as they carry different weightages of marks. Therefore, the candidate should try to utilise the time smartly while solving each of these sections.
  • Solving the General Awareness section at the start of the exam will help to save a lot of time as it is considered to be the easiest of the four sections and is also less time consuming.
  • While solving the English Language section, the candidates should begin with the para jumbles and fill in the blanks as they are relatively easy topics in this section. The other topics in the English language section like comprehension require the candidate to read and understand the questions carefully before answering so they may take up a little more time.
  • The Quantitative Aptitude section can be a little tricky as it involves mathematical equations. This section often requires a lot of practice and while solving this section, the candidates should try to first attempt all the questions they are confident about and try not to waste time on the questions they are unable to solve.
  • The Reasoning Ability section is considered to be the most time consuming section and hence, it must be solved after completing all other sections. This section requires a calm mind and the candidates should read each word of the question carefully before attempting to answer. It is advised to solve the blood relations and coding-decoding questions of this section first and then go for more time consuming questions like sitting arrangements.

By utilising the above tips while attempting any bank exam, the candidate can manage their time well and may go on to clearing the exam which will take them one step ahead in their goal of securing a bank job.

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