Time Management for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Exam

Time Management for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Exam (1)
KAS Exam

Time Management for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Exam

It is often observed that in competitive exams, the candidate who knows how to manage time is the one that is most likely to crack the exam. The same is the case with Kerala PSC. A candidate has a strict time limit within which each question must be attempted and all practice prior to the exam must be done keeping this in mind.

How to manage time?

  1. Attempt a lot of mock tests before writing the examination. One must try to complete more than 90 questions in every mock test to be able to replicate the same in the actual exam.
  2. Work out your time budget priorly and stick to the same during the exam.
  3. There is no requirement to attempt the questions in the same order. Glimpse through the paper and identify the sections that you feel are the easiest and attempt those areas first – this will not only boost your confidence, but will also ensure that more is covered in a lesser period of time at the initial part of the exam itself.
  4. Attempt the paper in the form of iterations to enhance accuracy while attempting. One can divide the paper into three iterations based on how sure he or she is about a set of questions. However, this method will only work in the final exam if it has been practiced umpteen times before and cannot be experimented upon on the day of the exam.
  5. If you feel like you are stuck at a particular problem then let go and come back at a later point of time.
  6. Use the help of shortcuts and mathematical tricks to resolve the questions quickly.
  7. Practice the method of elimination in all the mock tests – a trained eye will be able to spot the catch in the options instantly saving on crucial time.
  8. Keep an eye on the clock at all times and be conscious of the time that you are consuming while attempting each question and each section.

Some specific ways to manage study time

  1. Create a 7 day schedule allocating time for each subject and also prioritise the time of the day a particular topic has to be dealt with. For instance, study the most important subject at the most productive time of the day.
  2. Use smart studying techniques to minimize study time and revision time. For example, create mind maps and graphic representations for visual memory. Also, record short voice recordings for important topics and listen to it multiple times during the day.
  3. Work on your writing speed and handwriting. 

To Conclude

Use the exam hacks and tips given above to manage your time more effectively. Make a timed practice paper part of your revision strategy before the exam to reap maximum benefits and see your efforts reflect in your exam results!

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