The disintegration of the USSR

The disintegration of the USSR

The disintegration of the USSR

The rule of the Russian empire was ended with the Russian Revolution of 1917, followed by the end Russian Civil war. The end result of this was the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1922. USSR was a loose confederation of 15 republics with Russia as the leader. It was a strong bloc with great control over global politics. It was later disintegrated into smaller units in 1991. 

Members of USSR

The USSR has a total of 15 republics including Russia.  The member countries of the USSR are:

1. Armenia

2. Azerbaijan

3. Belarus

4. Estonia

5. Georgia

6. Kazakhstan

7. Kyrgyzstan

8. Latvia

9. Lithuania

10. Moldova

11. Russia

12. Tajikistan

13. Turkmenistan

14. Ukraine

15. Uzbekistan

Major Events related to the Disintegration of the USSR

  • USSR was the leader of the socialist bloc. People in many countries in the socialist bloc started protesting against their own governments and USSR. As result communist governments in the second world collapsed one after the other.
  • The fall of Berlin was considered one of the major events related to the disintegration of the USSR. It led to a series of events including the disintegration of the USSR.
  • Economic and political reforms in USSR by Micheal Gorbachev is another event. He identified the economic and political problems of the USSR. It was Gorbechev who started a series of reforms to revive the economy. This was a deviation from the communist policies and closely associated with the market economy. 
  • The 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt, known as the August Coup, was a failed attempt made by communist hard-liners of the Soviet Union to take control of the country from Mikhail Gorbachev. It is because of the deviation of Gorbachev’s policy from Communism. 
  • Republics like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus emerged powerfully. They declared that the soviet union was disbanded.

The Dissolution

The Dissolution of the Soviet Union was held on December 25, 1991. It also marked the end of the Cold War. The disintegration of the USSR has already begun in the late 1980s. It was ended on December 26, 1991, when the Supreme Soviet voted to dissolve.

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