Strategy for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Mains Exam

Strategy for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Mains Exam (1)
KAS Exam

Strategy for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Mains Exam

About the examination 

The Kerala Administrative Services examination consists of three stages and experts often opine that there must be a collaborative, integrated study of the different stages of the exam by the aspirant. This is to ensure that his or her understanding of the subject is complete and wholesome.

The main examination is descriptive and consists of three papers. The time duration and the marks for the same are as follows – 

TopicMaximum MarksExam Duration
Paper 11002 hours
Paper 21002 hours
Paper 31002 hours

Kerala PSC Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Mains Syllabus

The syllabus for each of the papers is as follows – 

PaperSubjects covered
Paper 1Modern HistoryMedieval HistoryAncient History World History Kerala HistoryCultural Heritage of Kerala
Paper 2Indian PolityScience & Technology Current Issues in Polity and Science & Technology 
Paper 3Indian Economy Geography Current Issues in Indian Economy and Geography

Preparation for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Mains Exam

  • It is best not to avoid/ ignore any subject area as one never knows when the weightage to a particular subject might change. However, one prioritizes the manner in which they will study different sections. Completing the tougher subjects early and then approaching the easier subjects might prove to be effective in strengthening one’s knowledge base and understanding.
  • One must check out important current affairs sources such as PIB, Manorama & Mathrubhumi Yearbook, government department websites etc. Try and memorise important information with the help of mnemonics, songs, short forms, mind maps etc. and place it strategically while writing the answer.
  • Make your own notes that can be easily revised just before the exam. Condense and extrapolate only the most relevant information. One must complete multiple revisions prior to the examination – this will not only improve one’s retention, but will also make one more confident.
  • One must go through other state level exam papers to get an idea about the nature of questions that are being asked and the knowledge base that is being tested. 
  • Practice as many mock or previous years tests as possible before going for the examination. The more writing practice that you get in exam-like conditions, the better the output in the final exam will be.
  • One must not stop with just having an in-depth knowledge of a subject but must also explain it properly in the answer sheet. This can happen when there is adequate repeated answer writing practice that is done. 
  • It is better to avoid unnecessary jargon that would make it difficult for the evaluator. 
  • One must note the writing style used in newspapers and try to employ it while writing his or her answers. The answers must contain an appropriate introduction, body and conclusion as and when necessary. 
  • Make sure that your physical and mental health is good. Ensure that your emotional well-being is safeguarded.

To conclude

Prior to starting any examination, it is important to understand the structure and demands of the examination. Make that the first step of your preparation and ensure that it stays with you throughout the preparation. 

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