SSC Salary After 7th Pay Commission

SSC Salary after 7th Pay Commission

SSC Salary After 7th Pay Commission

Many candidates are applying to the SSC exams in the hopes of securing themselves with government jobs. SSC or Staff Selection Commission conducts SSC exams for different government positions and departments. The job options after clearing the SSC exams are various, and you become eligible for various government posts.
These jobs are lucrative among other government jobs like bank jobs, defense jobs or insurance jobs. Such jobs are preferred by many graduates and post graduates as they offer a number of benefits including health packages, medical facilities, good salaries and so on.
These exams usually take place in different phases like Tier I and Tier II which are conducted at different times. In order to have a chance at securing a job through this exam, you need to clear both the tiers of the SSC exam.
One of the most popular reasons for applying for these exams is the handsome salaries that are offered for each post. However, these salaries differ based on the post of the employee. The salary is also different based on the city and state that you are located in.
Another factor that affects the SSC salaries is the 7th pay commission. The implementation of the 7th pay commission has changes in the salaries of SSC employees at all posts.

How does the 7th pay commission affect the SSC Salaries?

The 7th pay commission was constituted in 2014 and it affects the pay structure, rank, organisation, allowances and payments of all government employees. One of the perks of having a government job is having better salaries than most private jobs along with the job security.

The implementation of 7th pay commission affects the SSC salaries making them even better. The benefits of the 7th pay commission are applied according to the position of the employee. As the perks are different for different positions including payments and allowances, the respective employees will receive benefits after the 7th pay commission accordingly.

As announced by the government, the best attributes of 7th pay commission after it’s implementation are a 14% salary raise to all government employees, an HRA hike of 106% to 157% to all government employees of India, dearness allowance of above 25% of basic pay.

As the SSC salaries see a huge hike after the implementation of 7th pay commission, it benefits more than 48 lakhs of government employees, including civilians and defense cadre. This comes in addition to the normal promotion that each employee receives based on their position.

Hence, different employees in different departments and at different posts will enjoy different benefits that come after the 7th pay commission.

This year more than 34 modifications have been upgraded in the 7th pay commission which is a huge step taken by the union government of India.

Securing a job through the SSC exams guarantees you all the perks that come with the job including the allowances and payments, pension, and handsome salaries. As for the 7th pay commission, depending on your department and position you will definitely be able to enjoy all the increased benefits that come with them after the implementation of 7th pay commission.

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