Section-wise SSC Exam Preparation Tips

Section-wise SSC Exam Preparation Tips (2)

Section-wise SSC Exam Preparation Tips

SSC or Staff Selection commission exams are the most sought after by candidates aspiring government jobs. Many graduate and postgraduate students and even people, who already have a job in a different field, choose to appear for these competitive exams because of the handsome pay and many benefits that come along with the job if you acquire one.

Why should you prepare section-wise for the SSC exams?

SSC generally conducts seven exams including SSC CGL, SSC JE, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, SSC GD, SSC MTS and SSC stenographer. Although these different exams may have some different sections, there are a few sections which are common in all these exams.

These sections are extremely important and carry a lot of weightage in the exam. Thus, when you are preparing for SSC exams you need to focus on all these sections and give them equal importance. To achieve this you need to have a proper study plan prepared and dividing the study plan section wise will help you to focus on each section and give each section a significant amount of preparation time.

Tips for Section-wise Preparation of the SSC exams

All sections of the SSC exam are equally important and preparing section-wise will help you focus on each section. It will also help you to identify your weak areas so that you can work on them. There are four sections which are common in all SSC exams— quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, reasoning ability and general awareness. Preparing these sections thoroughly will be helpful in all SSC exams.

Following are some tips that will help you in your section-wise SSC exam preparation:

1. Quantitative Aptitude

This section involves a lot of calculations and calculators are not allowed to be used in the exam, this makes it one of the most complicated sections of the exam. Even when you are good with the calculations, this section may still be a little complex because of the limited time given to solve the questions.

Hence, when you are preparing for this section you should do all the calculations manually and try to improve your speed and accuracy. You should focus on the basics as knowing the basics will help you a great deal in attempting this section of the exam.

Make sure to go through the entire syllabus under this section and plan your preparation accordingly. Also try to learn all the formulas and tables that you may need for the calculations while solving this section.

2. Verbal ability

This section of the SSC exam checks your command of the English language. The questions are to check your English grammar and comprehension. Most candidates who are not very comfortable with the language tend to get confused between the options that are presented for each question. This makes them lose more marks under this section.

That is why, while preparing for this section you should make it a habit to read English newspapers, books and try to focus on your grammar skills. You can also do this while reading new articles or blogs online.

Candidates are also advised to solve previous exam papers to identify the areas of weakness and work on them.

3. Reasoning ability

This again is one of the most important sections of all SSC exams. This section checks your general intelligence and knowledge. As the questions in this section check your reasoning ability, the questions may tend to be confusing so candidates should read each question carefully before answering.

As most questions in this section consist of puzzles, candidates should practice solving puzzles while preparing for this section. Make sure you read the puzzle carefully and practice solving it in less time.

4. General awareness

General awareness section is considered to be the one where a candidate can score as there are no calculations or complicated solutions involved. While preparing this section you should focus on reading and keeping yourself updated on the current and daily affairs.

As more and more people are opting to appear for the SSC exams, the competition is at its highest and it has become very important to work hard and focus on your preparation for these exams, if you want to clear them and have a chance of acquiring a job.

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