SBI Clerk Salary 2021: Check In Hand Salary, Allowances & Job Profile

SBI Clerk Salary 2021

SBI Clerk Salary 2021: Check In Hand Salary, Allowances & Job Profile

SBI Clerk Salary 2021

SBI Clerk Recruitment Notification 2021 will be issued shortly on the official website of the State Bank of India (SBI). SBI is regarded as the best and most prestigious job in the country, providing financial security and social status. Candidates appearing for the exam must be concerned about the SBI Clerk Salary. Therefore, candidates should know the SBI Clerk pay structure and other benefits.


The SBI Clerk Exam dates will be announced shortly. Candidates will be more likely to be motivated to study for the exam if they are aware of the SBI Junior Associate Salary.


Read on to know the SBI clerk in-hand salary, pay scale, job profile, allowances and career growth. 

SBI Clerk In Hand Salary 2021

Candidates who pass the SBI Clerk exam will be appointed as the SBI Bank – Junior Associates. Junior Associate SBI Salary has a starting basic pay of Rs 13,075. The in-hand SBI Salary will be about Rs 20,000 to Rs 22,000 after the 6th increment. SBI  Clerk salaries vary depending on where they are being posted.

SBI Clerk Salary Pay Scale 2021

The SBI Clerk salary pay scale is 11765-655/3-13730-815/3-16175-980/4-20095-1145/7-28110-2120/1- 30230-1310/1-31450.   This means that an SBI Clerk (Junior Associate) will start at Rs 11,765 per month, with an annual increment of Rs 655 per month, for a total of Rs 13,075.


In a metro like Mumbai, the total starting emoluments for Clerical Cadre employees will be Rs 26,000 per month, including DA and other allowances at the current rate and two additional increments for newly employed graduate junior associates. Allowances can differ based on where the candidates are posted.


Increments Salary
Basic Junior Associate SBI Salary Rs 13075
Junior Associate Salary after 1st Increment Rs 13730
Junior Associate Salary after 2nd Increment Rs 16175
Junior Associate Salary after 3rd Increment Rs 20095
Junior Associate Salary after 4th Increment Rs 28110
Junior Associate Salary after 5th Increment Rs 30230
Junior Associate Salary after 6th Increment Rs 31450


The SBI Clerk Salary will be Rs 13,730 after 3 years. There will be an annual increase of Rs 815. After 3 years, the wage will be Rs 16,175, with a yearly increment of Rs 980. After that, for the next 4 years, the salary will be Rs 20,095. The SBI Clerk Salary will be Rs 28,810 after 7 years. It will be Rs 30,230 after a year. The SBI Clerk Salary will be Rs 31,540 after 1 year. This is the highest SBI Clerk Salary that an employee in this job will receive.


Here’s the official notification for the SBI Clerk pay scale. 


SBI Clerk Salary Allowances 2021

SBI offers several allowances, perks and benefits to their employees. Here are some of the allowances:


Dearness Allowance (DA) This SBI Clerk Salary component is dependent on the Consumer Price Index and is revised quarterly, or 4 times a year (CPI). As inflation increases, the DA rises, and vice versa.
House Rent Allowance (HRA) The HRA depends on the city in which the SBI Clerk is posted. The HRA will be higher if the city is a metro city. The HRA in rural areas will be lower than in urban areas.


Apart from the allowances mentioned above, the SBI clerk salary includes other allowances like furniture allowance, telephone bills, etc. With all these allowances, the starting salary reaches Rs 26,000 per month approximately. 

SBI Clerk Perks 2021

SBI Junior Associate enjoys the following benefits along with the SBI clerk salary.’

  • Stability
  • Financial security
  • Flexible working hours
  • Good work environment
  • Pension under New Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Medical insurance
  • Dearness Allowance (DA)
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Furniture Allowance
  • City Allowance (CA)
  • Travel Allowance (TA)
  • Provident Fund

SBI Clerk Job Profile 2021

SBI Clerks or SBI Junior Associates work as Single Window Operators (SWOs) and are responsible for the bank’s day-to-day operations. The below are some of the functions and responsibilities:


  • Dealing with customers and resolving their issues
  • Opening bank accounts, RTGS/NEFT deposits, issuing DDs, managing cheque book requests, and transferring amounts through various payment modes are all responsibilities of cash counters
  • Assisting Managers
  • Assisting customers with their paperwork

SBI Clerk Promotions And Career Growth

As compared to other clerical designations in government banks, the SBI Clerk provides tremendous prospects for growth. A Junior Associate at SBI can rise to the position of General Manager. However, depending on the role, they must satisfy specific eligibility requirements. They will still have to sit for the requisite tests and interviews if they want to be eligible for that position.


The SBI Clerk role is ideal for people who want to make a reputation for themselves in the banking industry. For an entry-level government position, the SBI Clerk Salary is sufficient. It is also one of India’s most common occupations because of the additional rewards and prospects for growth.


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