Prepare IBPS Exam and Crack Interview in First Attempt

Prepare IBPS Exam and Crack Interview in First Attempt

Prepare IBPS Exam and Crack Interview in First Attempt

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts various bank exams every year which are collectively called the IBPS exams. These exams are conducted to recruit candidates for various positions in the banking sector.

Both cracking the IBPS exam and the interview in the very first attempt is not as easy and only a few candidates clear them both successfully. But as hard as it may seem, you can still achieve it if you work hard enough with complete dedication and have some tips and tricks up your sleeve. Through this article we will focus on these tips and tricks which would help you in preparing for the IBPS exam and crack the interview in your very first attempt.

Tips to Prepare for IBPS exam

It may seem hard to crack the IBPS exam in the first attempt, but if you follow the following tips in your preparation, your chances of successfully clearing the exam will increase.

1. Be clear about the exam pattern and syllabus

The first step while starting your preparation is to know the syllabus and exam pattern which would help you in making an efficient study plan which would ensure your success in the examination.

2. Prepare a timetable

After you go through the entire syllabus thoroughly the next step is to prepare a timetable which would help you in planning your preparation and make sure to give all the sections that are included in the exam equal attention. Preparing a timetable will also help you to save some time for revision, which is very necessary if you want to crack the IBPS exam in the first attempt.

3. Section wise preparation

There are five sections in the IBPS exam— reasoning ability, general awareness, quantitative aptitude, English language and computer skills. All these sections are equally important as they carry different weightage of marks. So, it becomes necessary to focus on all these sections separately. Planning a section wise preparation will help you to study one section at a time, which would help avoid confusion between different sections.

4. Practice

Make sure to practice with mock question papers as by doing so you would understand which your strong areas are and which the areas you need to work on are.

Tips to Crack the Interview in the First Attempt

Once you clear the IBPS exam, you will have to clear the interview to secure the job. Clearing this interview in the first attempt is another challenge which you can pass by following the below tips:

1. Be punctual and professional

Make sure you reach for the interview at time as it shows your punctuality and try to be presentable by wearing a professional attire. However, don’t be too early as it may leave an impression that you have nothing else to do.

2. Ask questions

Remember an interview is an interaction. Try to ask your interviewer the necessary questions but do not be unprofessional and do not ask about the salary and day offs before you are officially hired.

3. Be confident but not overconfident

Remember your interviewer can sense your confidence in your approach and the way you answer them. So, try to be calm and composed and answer confidently but do not overcross them in every question and come off as overconfident.
Every year many candidates appear for the IBPS exams and that has led to an increase in the competition. This has made the exam even harder to crack in the first attempt and only a few candidates are able to do so. However, once you crack the IBPS exam, you will need to crack the interview which comes next. It is only after clearing the interview that you can secure your desired job.

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