Life in PSU Banks and IT Software Offices

Life in PSU Banks and IT Software Offices

Life in PSU Banks and IT Software Offices

Having a secure job with a handsome salary and added benefits is an attraction to almost all job aspirants. When searching for such jobs, the two main sectors that such candidates prefer are the Bank sector and the IT sector. But most candidates are also confused between these two sectors while selecting a career option.

To help you understand which job would be better for you, let’s look at how different life is at the PSU banks and IT offices based on a few selected parameters.

How different is life at PSU banks and IT offices?

It is no surprise that both bank jobs and IT jobs are the most sought after given the handsome pay and various job benefits that are offered with both these jobs. However, both these jobs are significantly different in their nature and so is life at the PSU banks and IT offices.

Here we will see a few aspects which differ significantly in both these jobs.

1. Qualifications and Status

Many students opt for engineering in their graduating years and those students are the ones who can go for the IT jobs. However, banking jobs can be secured by any graduate who aspires to work in the banking sector by appearing for the banking exams.

As far as status is concerned, both the IT and bank jobs are considered to be well reputed jobs in our country.

2. Salary

This is one aspect which is a lot different in both the bank jobs and IT jobs. The salary and growth in the salary is much higher in the IT world than the banking world. The starting salaries sometimes can be similar but the salary growth is much higher in IT than in banks.

3. Additional benefits

As we already discussed, the salary growth in the banking sector is comparatively less than the IT sector. However, as far as the benefits are considered, people working in the banking sector enjoy much more added benefits than people working in the IT offices. With a PSU bank job a person gets a lot of allowances, accommodations for them and their family members, public holidays, paid leaves, pension benefits and much more. This is another reason why banking jobs are more preferred by people.

4. Work environment

The work environment and work culture is also different in the PSU banks and the IT offices. The seniors in the IT offices are much more relaxed and friendly while in the PSU banks it is the exact opposite. In the PSU banks you will have to fear the wrath of your seniors if you mess up.

5. Job security

The job security is much more in the PSU banks than you can ever imagine having in an IT office. This is because PSU banks are government owned, so once you secure a job in these banks, you won’t get fired. But the IT sector works differently; no matter what position you are in, the company can fire you anytime if you are not efficient in your job.

6. Job timings

If you work in an IT office, the job timings aren’t as certain. The timings can fluctuate and you would have to adjust with them. However, as PSU banks are government owned, they are very particular about the timings and so your job timings would be certain.

When planning a career, while it is important to take your interests into account and also consider the financial aspect of the job, there are various other aspects which you need to take into consideration, like how your life will be at your job.

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