Kerala Rennaissance for Kerala PSC: St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara

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Kerala PSC

Kerala Rennaissance for Kerala PSC: St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara

  • He was known as Father of Literacy in Kerala and Kalathinu Munpe Nadanna Navodhana Nayakan, Daivs Dasan
  • Father Kuriakose Elias Chavara is popularly known as Chavarayachan
  • Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara was born on 10 February 1805 at Kainakary.
  • He is the first canonised Catholic male saint of Indian origin.
  • The Congregation of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) is the first indigenous religious congregation in the Catholic Church of India.
  • It was founded by Fr. Thomas Palackal, Fr. Thomas Porukara and Fr. Kuriakose Chavara on 11 May 1831.
  • The first Prior General of this congregation was St. Kuriakose Chavara at Mannanam.
  • Originally it the name of the Congregation was ‘Servants of Mary Immaculate’
  • In 1958, the name was changed to ‘Carmelites of Mary Immaculate’ (CMI).
  • After the death of others, Chavara took up leadership on 8th December 1855
  • A similar one for women, the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (C.M.C.)
  • It was founded in 1866, 13 February at Koonamavu
  • On 29 November 1829, St. Chavara become a priest
  • St. Chavara celebrated his first Holy Qurbana at St. Andrew’s Catholic Forane Church Arthunkal, Alappuzha
  • He was the first vicar general in the Syrian church.
  • Kuriakose Chavara started an institution for Sanskrit studies at Mannanam in 1846
  • Chavara took the initiative to start a school in a nearby village called Arpookara
  • Fr. Chavara admitted the untouchables to schools and provided Sanskrit education to the lower castes
  • He took initiative to start educational institutions along with Church.
  • The schools in Kerala are commonly called Pallikudams because school attached to Church (Palli)
  • Kuriakose Chavara implemented mid day meal for the poor students from lower caste in the schools at Mannanam and Arpookara
  • This inspired Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer to recommend this to King for being implemented in all government run schools
  • Pidiyari was the charity practice of Kuriakose Chavara.
  • He encouraged people to make daily small donations to help the needy through Pidyari scheme.
  • It supported the Midday meal Kuriakose Chavara popularized in schools
  • An organization formed by Kuriakose Chavara called “Unnimishihayude Dharma Sabha” who took care of the Pidiyari collection
  • Kuriakose Chavara started St. Joseph’s Press at Mannanamin 1846.
  • It was the third printing press in Kerala.
  • It was the first press founded by a Malayali without the help of foreigners.
  • Nasrani Deepika was printed from this press.
  • The first book printed in this Press at Mananam was Njanapeeyusham
  • The oldest existing Malayalam newspaper in circulation Nasrani Deepika at 1887.
  • Atmanuthapam Maranaveettil Padunnathinulla Pana, Anasthaciayude Rakthasakshyam, Dhyana Sallapangal and Nalagamangal were written by St. Chavara.
  • Prior Mango is a variety of mango popularized by Kuriakose Chavara
  • Kuriakose Elias Chavara died on 3 January 1871, aged 66, at Koonammavu.
  • His canonization was on 18 March 2014 by Pope Francis
  • St. Chavara Museum, Archives and Research Centre- Mannanam
  • St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias Museum-Koonammavu
  • Chavara National Museum- Vazhakulam
  • Chavara Museum and Art Gallery- Alappuzha
  • Jeevitham Thanne Sandesham: Vishuda Chavarayude Jeevitham- Prof. M.K. Sanu
  • Chavarayachan Oru Rekha Chitram- K.C. Chako.

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