Kerala Rennaisance Leader for Kerala PSC: Chattambi Swamikal

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Kerala Rennaisance Leader for Kerala PSC: Chattambi Swamikal

  • Chattambi Swamikal was born on August 25, 1853 in Kannanmool, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • letters,Chattampi Swamikal came to be called Vidyadhiraja.
  • Vasudeva Sharma (Anandasharma) was his father and Thirunanga mother. 
  • Parents called him by name Ayyappan, but he was known by pet name ‘Kunjan’.  He studied under ‘Asan’ from the Kollur Athiyar
  • He supervised the class and therefore, he came to be known as ‘Chattambi’, which means ‘monitor’.
  • He  studied  painting  from Neelakandhan  Acharya
  • He was also served as an Accountant in the Government Secretariat.
  • He worked at Secretariat construction for loading Kallu.
  • Later Swamikal said “that in the construction of the Secretariat building Trivandrum he carried loads of bricks and sand.’’
  • ‘Jñānaprajāgaram’ a scholarly group started by Raman Pillai facilitated Kunjan to meet several great men.
  • He learnt the art of ‘Hat yoga’ from Thaikkattu Ayyavu, a Tamil Pandit and hat-yogi.
  • He also learnt Tamil vedic works from Pandit Swaminatha Desika. 
  • He became a disciple of the famous pandit and scholar Subha Jatapathikal. 
  • He obtained expert training in the art of yoga from Admananda Swamikal.
  • Sree Vidhyadhiraja Theerthapada Paramabhattrakasram was established by Chattambi Swamikal in 1914
  • Swamikal’s   prominent   disciples   were   Neelakanta Theerthapada   and Theerthapada Parmahamsa
  •  His ‘Adi Bhasha’ is a research work in the field of linguistics.
  • In his ‘Jivitakarunya Nirupanam’, Swamikal expressed his profound faith in Ahimsa and denounced animal sacrifice.
  • In ‘Christhumatha Nirupanam’, he summarized the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • In ‘Vedadhikaranirupanam’, he shatters the myth of Brahmin monopoly of the Vedas.
  • His another work Sarvamatasamarasyam gives the gist of the truths common to all faith and emphasizes the fundamental unity
  • His Advaitha Chinta Pathati, expounds the principle of Advaitha philosophy.

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