Kerala Rennaisance Leader for Kerala PSC: Ayya Vaikundar

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Kerala Rennaisance Leader for Kerala PSC: Ayya Vaikundar

  • Lord Vaikundar is popularly called as “Narayana Pantaram” or “Ayya”.
  • He himself called as the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
  • ‘One Caste, One Religion, One Clan, One World, One God’ said by Ayya Vaikundar
  • He formulate ‘samathva samajam’, ‘sama panthi bhojan’ and ‘thottu namam podunkal’
  • He is remembered as the forefather of Nadar community
  • The organization formed by Ayya vaikundar was Kerala Ayya Vaikundar Samathwa Samajam
  • It can be considered as the first social organization in Kerala.
  • First person to done mirror consecration in South India  
  •  He was born in 1809 as a child of Ponnu Nadar and Veiyelal in south India, at Swamithoppe in the Kanyakumari District.
  • The childhood name of Ayya Vaikundar was Mudisoodum Perumal
  • But due to objections from those of higher castes, the family changed his name to Muthukutty.
  • Muthukutty married Thirumalammal
  • Muthukutty earned his living as a Palmyra palm climber and as an agricultural laborer
  • In Akilattirattu Ammanai the word Detchanam represents the land of South India with Swamithoppe as its centre
  • This place became a holy place for the devotees of Ayyavazhi and they erected a temple there named Avatharappathi at Thiruchendur.
  • Ayya Vaikundar not only preached his views but practicalised among low caste poor people.
  • Swamigal started meditation at Poovandarthoppu.  For the  first  two  years,  he  meditated  in  a  six  feet  hallow  pit  called Yoga  dapa
  •  Lower caste peoples they worshipped him as the real incarnation of Lord Narayana and called him as Vaikunda Swamigal
  •  He called Travancore king as ‘Ananthapuri Neechan’ and cursed Brahmins as ‘Karineechanmar’ (Black cheater) and British people as  ‘Venneechan’  (White  cheater)
  • Swathi Tirunal  arranged for an enquiry at the  Suchindram  Temple  Mandabam to heard grievances of Upper caste peoples against Ayya Vaikundar
  • Swati Thirunnal sent his  army  to  Poovandarthoppu  to arrest  Vaikuda  Swamigal
  •  He was imprisoned at Shinkarathope jail
  • The Raja finally ordered the release of Vikunda Swamigal on  1839
  • Vaikunda Swamigal assumed the status of Ayya (Father) to all his followers. 
  • His followers are generally called Ayya Vazhi Makkal.
  •  Vaikunda  Swamigal  established  many Nizhalthankals  or  Inatthankals
  • These are small huts which  give  shadow  to the people to propagate  his  faith  and to  feed  the poor
  • In  these  thankals, a festival  conducted  generally  thrice  in a year is  called  Palvaippuvizha
  • Ayya  adopted  as  flag  for  his  movement  which  was  popularly  known as Anbukodi  or love-flag. 
  • There were separate wells and tanks for each caste, and people from the other caste were not allowed to draw out water from those wells.
  • To stop this evil practice, Ayya Vaikundar established Munthirikinar at Swamithoppe
  • He called his  followers  Anbukodimakkal 
  • The Swamigal passed away at Ambalapathi on 1851.
  • His  body  was  then  taken  to  Swamithoppu  and  buried

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