Kerala Rennaisance for Kerala PSC: Revolts of Ayyankali

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Kerala Rennaisance for Kerala PSC: Revolts of Ayyankali

Chaliyar riot

  • They  organised a  pedestrian  march  through  the  public  road leading  to  Aaralummudu market to  Chaliyar Street in Balaramapuram.
  • Here a group of outraged ‘upper’ caste Hindus blocked their way and this erupted into violence. This is known as Chaliyar riot.
  • Chaliyar riot was the first armed rebellion of Dalits in Travancore. 

Nedumangadu Riot

  •  Ayyankali made a similar attempt in the market at Nedumangadu.
  • Even in the  early decades of the 20th century, Dalits were not given entry into the Nedumangadu market place
  • They were given a separate place to sell their things.
  • This partition of the market was done by a dividing line of coir.
  • Ayyankali and his men entered into the market. There was a bloody fight 

Kazhakuttom Riot

  • Ayyankali went to Kazhakuttam to attend a meeting organised by Dalits.
  • On the way, they were attacked by a crowd of Muslims.
  • This incident turned to the form of a riot. 
  • Police Inspector of Kazhakuttam at the time of the riot was Daniel.

Perinad Riot

  • Perinad is a place in Kollam District. 
  • Ayyankali  called  upon  the  Pulaya  women  gathered  there  to  come  forward  and renounce  their  stone  jewellery  adorning  your  neck.  
  • Their women obeyed his advice and cut off their stone chains and threw them away. 
  • This incident is known as ‘Kallumala Agitation’
  • In those days, Pulaya women were allowed to wear only  ornaments  made  of  beads,  stones  and  cheap  metals  like  copper  and  iron.   
  • But  Ayyankali exhorted the Pulaya women of south Travancore to give up kallumala or stone chain
  • Pulayas,  Parayas  and  Kuravas  were  prevented  from wearing ornaments made of gold and silver
  •  In Kollam region the struggle was led by Gopaladasan.
  • As per the advice of Ayyankali, the Pulaya women at Kollam began to cut and throw away their stone necklaces and iron ear rings.
  •  The agitation concerning the use of ornaments by the Pulaya women took place under the leadership of Gopaladasan.
  • During  this  period,  he was  the  branch  secretary  of  the  Sadhujana Paripalana  Sangam  at  Perinad.
  • A  massive  meeting  was organized at  Cherumoodu  in Perinad
  • A  Nair  youth  came  forward  and  asked something  to  the  Pulayas  which  sparked  the  riot  in which  Pulayas  received  cut  injuries.
  • Later Pulayas organized themselves and set fire to a Nair home.
  • Perinadu, Mangaadu and Kilikolloor saw some Pulaya huts destroyed. 
  • Ayyankali decided to convene a meeting of all communities on December 10, 1915
  •  Dewan Krishan Nair was  made  the  chairman of the meeting

Ooruttambalam Revolt

  •  In 1915 Ooruttambalam Revolt was under the leadership of Ayyankali.
  • An attempt by Ayyankali to enrol a Pulayar girl in a government school at Oorutambalam.
  • It led to violent acts and eventually to the burning down of the school
  •  It is known as ‘Ooruttambalam Lahala
  • This was followed by the first-ever agricultural strike in the history of the nation, fought not for wages but for school admission.

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