Kerala History for Kerala PSC: Revolt Of Patinjare Kovilam Rajas; British and Zamorin

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Kerala PSC Exams

Kerala History for Kerala PSC: Revolt Of Patinjare Kovilam Rajas; British and Zamorin

Revolt Of Patinjare Kovilam Rajas.

  • The Patinjare Kovilakam Rajas of the Zamorin’s family revolts against the British.
  • It was an attempt of the dispossessed princes to regain their lost status and privileges.
  • At the time of Mysorian invasions, the Zamorin of Calicut and family left Calicut and returned to Calicut in 1792.
  • Zamorin loss their status and territories, after their compromise with Zamorin
  • Prince of Patinjare Kovilakam protested demanding restoration of the territories.
  • But the British rejected and Prince of Patinjare Kovilakam raised a revolt against British
  • The Raja was supported by the local populations such as Unni Muppan, a Moplah chief, Poliugar chiefs of Coimbatore, Palakkad Raja (Kunji Achan) and others.
  • Princes escaped to Thiruvitamkur.
  • The British forces under Captain Burnell pursued him
  • Later the Prince returned to Calicut and agreed to live in peace at Calicut accepting a nominal pension from the company.

The British and Zamorin 

  • When the British under Captain Keeling reached Calicut with three vessels in 1615
  • The Zamorin gave them wholehearted support and concluded a treaty.
  • English assist Calicut in expelling the Portuguese from Crangannur and Cochin.
  • The Zamorin gave the English freedom of trade in his dominions.
  • But the English didn’t help the Zamorin against the Portuguese in accordance with the treaty signed with them.
  • Instead they left the cost leaving ten mento open warehouses at Ponnani and Calicut.
  • In 1634-35 the English East India Company entered into an agreement with the Portuguese through which they got access to all Portuguese ports in Kerala.
  • In accordance with this, the British merchants exported pepper to England for the first time from Cochin in 1636.
  • In 1664 the Zamorin gave the English permission to build a factory at Calicut

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