Kerala Geography for Kerala PSC: Bharathapuzha

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Kerala Geography for Kerala PSC: Bharathapuzha

Bharathapuzha is the second-longest river in Kerala. It flows 209 Km through Kerala Bharathappuzha is known as ‘Nila’, ‘The Nile of Kerala’, ‘Perar’, ‘Ponanni Puzha’, ‘KuttippuramRiver’. It is originating from Anamali Hills

Bharathapuzha flows through the districts of Palakkad and MalapuramBasin area of the Bharathapuzha in Kerala State is 4400 Sq. Km. District of Kerala in which basin is located are Palakkad, Malapuram, and Trissur. At Parli both Kannadippuzha and Kalpathippuza merge and flow as Bharathappuzha

The river empties into the Arabian Sea at Ponnani. Bharathappuzha river and Tirur. The river merges together in Purathur and joins with the Arabian Sea at Padinjarekara Azhimukham Thootha River merges with Nila Pallippuram. As Thootha river is rich in water, after its

merger, Nila becomes thicker inflow. 

The water flow in the Bharathapuzha is relatively less compared to other long rivers in Kerala because A large portion of the basin is located in the comparatively drier regions of Tamil Nadu and Palakkad. In Chittur, Bharathappuzha is known as ‘Sokanasini’ This name was given by Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan

The largest among the reservoirs built across Bharathapuzha and its tributaries is the Malampuzha dam. Other dams in the Bharathapuzha basin are the Walayar dam, Mangalam dam, Pothundi dam, Meenkara dam, Chuliyar dam, Kanhirappuzha dam, Thirumoorthy, Aliyar, Upper Aliyar and Chitturpuzha regulator. The major project Bharathappuzha is a Regulator cum bridge at Thrithala built on the Velliyankallu Bridge. The bridge connects Pallippuram and Thrithala.

Major tributaries of Bharathapuzha are Thuthapuzha, Kunthippuzha, Kanjirappuzha, Gayathripuzha, Mangalam River, Kalpathipuzha, Korayar, Varattar, Walayar, Malampuzha, Kannadipuzha, Palar, Aliyar etc. The fertile Thrissur-Ponnani Kole Wetlands lie on its bank.

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