Importance of Previous year question paper analysis in KAS

Importance of Previous year question paper analysis in KAS (1)
KAS Exam

Importance of Previous year question paper analysis in KAS

KAS is one of the toughest exams conducted by Kerala PSC. To crack this exam there should be rigorous preparation and commitment from the aspirant. One of the important steps to the exam is the analysis of the previous year questions paper. 

Even there are only two sets of KAS Prelims and Mains question papers, we can make use of recent degree level exams conducted by Kerala PSC, and Administrative Service Exams conducted by other State PSCs. 

This article discusses the importance of the previous year question paper workout and analysis. 

To Understand KAS Exam Pattern 

One of the important strategies to crack KAS is to understand the pattern of KAS Pattern. Referring to previous year question papers help students by providing them with the necessary information about the syllabus and topics covered in the exam. 

Also, it gives more information regarding the weightage of marks allotted to different topics thereby allowing aspirants to draft their preparation strategy focused around those topics.

To Understand KAS Question Format & Pattern

Previous year question paper analysis will help the student by providing more detailed information about the type, nature and format of the questions being asked in the examination. This becomes very important for objective type questions. It also explains the level of difficulty or complexity of the questions. If students get familiar with question format and nature, they will take less time to answer during the actual exam.

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