IBPS Current Affair Preparation

IBPS Current Affair Preparation

IBPS Current Affair Preparation

The general awareness section in the competitive exams is considered to be the most scoring section of the exam. This is because the questions are usually based on general knowledge and current affairs of the world. The only reason why this section can be considered challenging is because of the wide range of questions asked.

However, having a thorough knowledge and keeping themselves updated with the current news and current affairs can help the candidates to successfully clear this section. As this particular section does not necessarily follow any set syllabus, the best way for preparing for this section is to follow the news regularly.

Through this article we will see how you can prepare for the current affairs section of the IBPS exam in a way which will help you to solve the section quickly and correctly.

Tips for Preparing Current Affairs for IBPS

Current affairs is an integral part of the general awareness section in the IBPS exams. There are about four to five sections in the overall exam and as each section is equally important, it is necessary to prepare for each section efficiently.

As current affairs can be a scoring yet challenging section, proper preparation of this section is required to clear the IBPS exam. Here are some tips which would help you achieve this.

1. Make it a habit to read daily newspapers

Reading newspapers daily is a habit which is rarely seen these days given the internet dominance. But, newspapers are still the best source of information when it comes to daily affairs, not only national but international as well.

So, if you are an aspiring candidate for the IBPS exam, it is advised to read newspapers daily to keep yourself up to date with the current affairs of the country and the world. This is an easy and effective way of preparing for the current affairs section of the IBPS exam.

2. Switch on the TV news channels at least once or twice a day

After newspapers another best source of news are the TV news channels. If you follow the proper and legitimate news channels on television, it will improve your knowledge about current affairs and help you to stay updated with the latest news.

Make it a habit to watch different segments like politics, sports, business, etc. on the news channels. As it is scientifically proven that the human brain records images and visuals better than the written word, watching news channels is definitely a good way to prepare for the current affairs section in the IBPS exams.

3. Read magazines

Many magazines which have weekly, monthly and periodical issues provide sections where the current affairs are mentioned in form of articles, tables, charts, pictures, etc. Reading such magazines would help you to stay informed about the current happenings of the world.

4. Follow news on the internet

While the internet may not always be the safest place to read news as there are many fake news spread across it; if you know where to read the news from, the internet becomes a great source of gaining knowledge about current affairs.

You can read various news blogs of verified newspapers and magazines on the internet to ensure that the news you are reading is valid. In addition to that you can also take some quizzes on different sites which would help you practice for the IBPS exam.

5. Note down the important points

While reading and preparing for current affairs, you should make it a habit to note down any important points. This would help you in your revision process as you won’t have to go back to the actual source and re-read the news.

If you follow the above tips while preparing for the current affairs section in the IBPS exam, you would be confident and knowledgeable enough to solve the section successfully.

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