How to Study For Kerala PSC Village Field Assistant in 30 Days?

How to Study For Kerala PSC Village Field Assistant in 30 Days
Kerala Public Service

How to Study For Kerala PSC Village Field Assistant in 30 Days?

About Kerala PSC Village Field Assistant Exam

The Kerala Public Service Commission conducts a two-stage selection process for the post of a Village Field Assistant. The mode of examination would be an objective type multiple choice question for a duration of two hours.

Kerala PSC Village Field Assistant Exam Syllabus

KPSC has clearly outlined a comprehensive syllabus for the exam based on which candidates will be tested. The contents of the syllabus are outlined as follows – 

Simple ArithmeticSimplificationRatio & Proportion, Percentage.Work & Time.Sequence & Series.Permutations and CombinationsProbabilityNumber Systems.Time & Distance.Area, Volume, the surface area of geometric shapesProfit & Loss.Mixtures & Allegations.Simple InterestCompound InterestSurds & Indices.Data Interpretation etc
Mental AbilitySeriesProblems on Mathematical signsAnalogy – Word Analogy, Alphabet Analogy, Number AnalogyOdd man outCoding and DecodingFamily RelationSense of DirectionTime and AnglesTime in a clock and its reflectionDate and CalendarClerical Ability.
General Knowledge and Current AffairsGeography – Kerala, and IndiaBasic facts about Kerala- Geography, History, Industries, etcRiver systems and mountain ranges in IndiaStates and Union TerritoriesMedieval India, First war of Independence, Indian Independence HistoryFive-year plans, Banking & Insurance, Different Schemes(Central & State government-sponsored)Human rights act, Human Rights Commissions, SC/ST acts, SC/ST commissions, Women Protection bills, commissions, etcPolity, Economics, Science, Literature, Art & Culture, Sports – Current AffairsNational Parks, Biospheres, etc
Current AffairsContemporary events such as politics, economics, literature, science, art, culture, sports, and terminology
Kerala Renaissance
General EnglishTypes of Sentences and Interchange of SentencesDifferent Parts of Speech, Agreement of Verb and SubjectConfusion of Adjectives and Adverbs, Comparison of AdjectivesArticles – The Definite and the Indefinite Articles, Uses of Primary and Modal Auxiliary VerbsTag Questions, Infinitive, and GerundsTenses, Tenses in Conditional TensesAdverbs and Position of adverbs, PrepositionsThe Use of CorrelativesDirect and Indirect SpeechActive and Passive voice, Correction of SentencesSingular & Plural, Change of Gender, Collective NounsWord Formation from other words and use of prefix or suffix, Compound wordsSynonyms, Antonyms, Phrasal VerbsForeign Words and Phrases, One Word SubstitutesWords often confused, Spelling TestIdioms and their Meanings.

Kerala PSC Village Field Assistant Exam Study Plan

Given below is a strategy to prepare a study plan that an aspirant can follow. However, it is best that it is tailor made as per one’s requirements and is a lot more detailed too to add clarity to the entire preparation process.

  1. Cover two subjects at once – this will break the monotony of studying a single subject and will also keep one’s mind sharp.
  2. Do not ignore any part of the syllabus, but change the time that is dedicated toward each part of the syllabus. For instance, if you believe that English is your stronghold and that you can solve questions in mock tests with ease when it comes to the English section, then spend less time studying it. Instead dedicate that time toward studying a more difficult subject.
  3. Dedicate a specific time slot in your study plan toward reading newspapers and magazines. This is to keep you constantly updated and ensure that all the current affairs information is not assimilated at a single time but over a period of time making it easier to retain. 
  4. Dedicate time every two days to solve one question paper – it could be a previous year paper, or a mock test or an online quiz. This would serve as a good means to revise, as well as help the candidate identify what additions must be made to the preparation. 
  5. Prepare the study plan in detail for a week rather than on a daily basis. 
  6. Seek the assistance of seniors, professionals and persons who have cracked this exam to prepare a plan that will best suit you.

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