How to read a newspaper for KAS?

How to read a newspaper for KAS
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How to read a newspaper for KAS?

Newspapers are an integral part of Kerala Administrative Service Exams preparation.  It is important for an aspirant to keep updated on the recent developments and events all across the globe.  The Aspirants should have to read at least one English and one Malayalam Newspaper. The KAS has a fair amount of current affairs-based questions. Therefore, it is important to read newspapers thoroughly and daily.

In-depth knowledge of current affairs, the government policies and socio-economic issues are needed for the KAS Examination. Reading the newspaper is a good way to get updated. But aspirants should have to read the newspaper in such a way that it must strengthen your preparation, not waste time.

Understand the Newspaper

Almost all newspapers have about 15- 20 pages, in which specific pages are dedicated to specific topics. Aspirants should have to read only relevant topics with maximum focus and concentration. Aspirants have to dedicate about 60 minutes daily to read the newspaper so that an aspirant can easily grasp the necessary information from the newspaper.

What can skip?

Political fights

Sensationalized statements made by politicians

News regarding press conferences of Political parties

Explanation related to the share market.

Entertainment news

What to read the newspaper?

  • ·        News about the International conferences and events attended by Prime Minister and President and the treaties and agreements signed in and the therein
  • ·        Important reports published by international organizations such as the UN, WHO, UNICEF, ASEAN etc
  • ·        Major political events in countries like uprisings, political changes etc.
  • ·        Press releases by SEBI, RBI, NITI Aayog, NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM, etc
  • ·        Reforms and measures and their implications introduced by the finance ministry
  • ·        News about Indicators like GDP, CPI, IIP, etc
  • ·        Parliamentary bills and acts.
  • ·        Schemes and reforms announced by the government.
  • ·        Ministry-wise schemes and reports
  • ·        Verdicts of the supreme court and high courts on important matters.
  • ·        Issues related to environment and biodiversity.
  • ·        Culture and heritage-related news such as the conduct of national programs and events.
  • ·        GI tags, the addition of UNESCO heritage site, etc
  • ·        News about endangered and extinct species
  • ·        Other science & technology related news
  • Nationwide schemes/initiatives launched by the government.
  • The implications of the event of national importance. For eg, any natural/man-made calamity, accidents, etc that could have been prevented by a comprehensive disaster management action plan.
  • News related to ISRO or any scientific development
  • International News

Importance of Editorials in Opinion Building.

It is very important for an aspirant to read the newspaper editorial thoroughly. These editorials and articles are written by eminent personalities and experienced functionaries. They have sound experience and knowledge about the topic. These will help the aspirants to build their opinion. The editorials will also help the aspirants to note down the points of criticism and research about the government policies, and how the government is addressing such problems.

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