How to Prepare World History for KAS?

How to Prepare World History for KAS
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How to Prepare World History for KAS?

World history is the important subject for KAS exam conducted by Kerala PSC. The World History question asked by Kerala PSC in previous KAS Exams and Degree level preliminary Exams are bit challenging. So we need to be more caution while preparing world History. 

World History syllabus given by Kerala PSC is important. Even though syllabus is given some questions are also came from topics that are not mentioned in the syllabus. Therefore we need to redraw the syllabus very intelligently. The no. of question asked from world history is 10. In which most of the questions are challenging. 

It is very important to analyze the previous year questions asked by Kerala PSC. If it is done, we got the general trend regarding the question asked by Kerala PSC. Both fact based and concept based questions can be asked from world history, therefore overall understanding of given topics will help you to answer the world history part.

History of the World: KAS Syllabus

(i) Industrial revolution (ii) World wars (iii) Redrawal of National boundaries (iv) Colonialisation and decolonialisation, (v) Globalisation (vi) Communism, Capitalism, Socialism – their forms and effects in society.

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