How To Prepare For SSC CGL Exam In 30 Days?

How To Prepare For SSC CGL Exam In 30 Days

How To Prepare For SSC CGL Exam In 30 Days?

Many aspirants are choosing to appear for competitive exams, with the SSC exam being one of the most sought after exams. Due to the various job opportunities and benefits, SSC exams are becoming more and more popular with government job aspirants.

Although it is always better to start the preparation for such competitive exams as soon as possible. But if you are left with only a month to prepare for your SSC exam you should know the tricks and tips for such preparation.

It may seem overwhelming for the candidates to prepare for an exam as important as the SSC CGL exam within just a period of 30 days, but it is surely not impossible. If you are dedicated enough and hardworking enough, you can prepare for the SSC CGL exam within a period of 30 days.

Tips to prepare for SSC CGL exam in 30 days

Although preparing for SSC CGL exam in just 30 days seems like a hard task to do, you can still achieve it if you plan the study schedule properly and focus on the well prepared study plan. To help you prepare for the exam in such a short period of time, you should have some tips and tricks to plan your preparation well.

Here are a few tips that would help you achieve this.

1. Know the pattern of the exam and go through the syllabus

If you want to clear a competitive exam, you should be clear about the pattern of the exam. This you can achieve by going through the previous exam papers, and solving them to not only be familiar with the pattern but also improve your time management while solving the exam.

Along with that, you should be thoroughly familiar with the syllabus of the exam. If you know the syllabus, it helps you to plan the study preparation efficiently and focus on all the important topics equally, giving them the individual attention they deserve.

2. Have a set timetable

Now that you have only 30 days to prepare for the SSC CGL exam, preparing a well set timetable will help you divide your topics and focus on each at different times without overloading yourself with a heap of topics to cover at a single time.

3. Make your own notes

As you only have a few days left to prepare, you won’t be left with much time to revise all the things you have studied. So, it becomes very important to make your own notes while studying. Maintaining these notes will help you for a quick referral while revising for the exam.

4. Don’t panic

It is normal to stress when you have only a month left to prepare, but panicking will get you nowhere. You need to stay calm and focus on the study plan that you have prepared and focus on executing that plan to your complete efficiency. Remember if you work hard, you will get there.

SSC CGL exams are important as they give you many opportunities in the government sector of jobs. So, preparing for such exams has to be well planned and efficient.

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