How to Prepare for IBPS PO Exam in 30 days?

How to Prepare for IBPS PO Exam in 30 days

How to Prepare for IBPS PO Exam in 30 days?

Every year the bank sector conducts different banking exams for aspirants who want to work in the sector. There are different exams for different positions in the banking sector; IBPS is one of them. These exams are for the aspirants who want a job position in the public sector banks.

IBPS PO is one of the most sought after examinations in the banking sector due to the job opportunities and various benefits that are offered through them. However, just like any other government examination, the IBPS PO also requires a high level of preparation and practice if you want to clear them in the first attempt.

Through this article we will see how you can prepare for the IBPS PO exam in just 30 days.

Preparation for IBPS PO in 30 days

Every year many aspirants appear for the IBPS PO examinations but only a few of them are able to clear the exam in the very first attempt. This is achieved through months of preparations and revisions. But if you only have 30 days in your hands to prepare for the IBPS PO exam it may seem overwhelming but you can achieve it by working smart and planning your preparation process well.

The following tips will give you an idea on how to prepare for such an important examination in only a matter of 30 day.

1. Know the Exam pattern and Syllabus

The first step in your preparation is to know your exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. This will help you to set a timetable and focus on each section of the syllabus separately. This also comes in handy when deciding the amount of time which should be dedicated to each section depending on the weightage and difficulty level.

2. Make sure you have all the required study material

It is very important to ensure that you have all the right books to read from while studying for the IBPS PO exam especially in such a short time of 30 days. You can also keep mock test papers with you for practice as part of your quick revision process, since you wouldn’t be left with a lot of time for revision when preparing in 30 days.

3. Prepare a timetable

Once you are aware of the exam pattern and syllabus, the next step is to prepare a timetable in such a way that all the syllabus gets covered in the assigned time. Also make sure to make the timetable realistic and don’t overload yourself with a lot of topics in a single day.

4. Make sure to focus on each topic and prepare accordingly

Each section of the IBPS PO exam is important and has its own weightage. Therefore, it is highly important to focus on each section equally. Preparing your syllabus topic wise will help you have a proper plan and set a discipline. This may also help to reduce pressure and you will be able to concentrate on a single topic instead of jumping through different topics.

5. Keep your calm

Even though 30 days is not a lot of time to prepare for such an important exam, it is still possible if you are dedicated. And let’s be honest, panicking will get you nowhere. So, you should keep your calm and focus on the preparation rather than overthinking and panicking.

Keeping this in mind, most candidates begin the preparation for the IBPS PO exam months before and spend the last few days or even a month just revising what they have studied. But what if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare and want to prepare for the IBPS PO exam in just 30 days? It may sound hard but it can be still possible if you are willing to work hard and are dedicated towards your goal.

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