How to prepare for CUCET Exam?

How to prepare for CUCET Exam?

How to prepare for CUCET Exam?

The Common University Entrance Test is an all-India Common Entrance Test organized by the National Testing Agency. It is for admission to various Undergraduate, Integrated, Postgraduate, Diploma, Certification courses and Research Programmes in 45 Central Universities of India. Preparation must be very important for this exam. The article discusses about the preparation strategy of CUCET in detail. 

Know the CUET Exam

CUCET Exam is different from other entrance exams. Understanding the exam before preparation is important for CUCET exam. It is a big opportunity for a student to get enrolled in the best Universities in the country. Those who are preparing for the exam must have a clear picture of the examination structure, syllabus, exam pattern etc. This will help in power the preparation.  

Know the CUET Syllabus

As like every examination, the syllabus is the bible of preparation for the CUCET Examination. It will help us to know about the topic that needs to cover. Familiar with the syllabus help us to distinguish between what to study and what not to study. It will also help to identify the topic that requires more importance. 

Make a Timetable

Need of TImetable for the preparation is very important for the preparation of the exam. Since the exam is for graduate and post-graduate exams, we must stick on to the timetable then only we can finish the syllabus.


Practise makes a man perfect, so the aspirants must dedicate some time for practise exams. Then only we can know our strengths and weakness. Also, helps in finishing exams on time. 


Identifying the topics that you need to focus on is the core of revision. We must plan a strategy to cover all topics in the syllabus. Try to revise all the difficult topics at first. Try to exam maximum Mock Papers and learn to manage time.

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