How to manage time while writing answers in KAS Mains?

How to manage time while writing answers in KAS Mains
KAS Exam

How to manage time while writing answers in KAS Mains?

Kerala Administrative Exam conducted by the Kerala PSC is one of the toughest exams. The KAS mains preparation is most important since the mark of this exam is taken for preparing the final rank list. This article discusses time management while writing KAS Mains Examination.  

Reading the instructions should be the first process. Thoroughly following this will help in understanding the exam more clearly. Before starting the writing examination, read the question paper well and make sure that printed correctly. If needed, ask for a replacement.

Read the question paper and look into the question paper very well. Then try to arrange the questions as per easiness. This will help us to answer the most simple question for the first time, this will increase the confidence of the aspirant. The well-known questions should be answered in the first hour with maximum speed.

Mentally frame the answers for all the questions, it includes planning of introductions, body, pictorial representation, tables etc. Keep in mind that this process would take certain seconds. To consume minimum time practise maximum questions before facing examination. 

Try to use bullet points and underline the important points. Correct framing of introduction, sub-headlines, and conclusion will help in saving time and help with the flow of points. Try to spend much time only on the answers which you feel strong. Always try to use diagrams, flow charts, etc in your answer as this will help to convey the essence easily and save time.

Try to practise as many as the question you can. This will make your studying process more refined and exam-oriented. To crack it one should practice answer writing every day. Understanding the question means understanding what answer it requires, and trying to write accordingly. This can be achieved only by practising.

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