How to cope with Stress in Time Management for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Exam

How to cope with Stress in Time Management for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Exam (1)
KAS Exam

How to cope with Stress in Time Management for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) Exam

It is a lot of pressure and stress that results in the birth of a diamond from charcoal. The preparation for the Time Management for Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) examination involves a lot of stress for the aspirant. This article will help you manage your stress levels and bring out the best in you.

Methods for coping with stress

  1. Make a full-fledged study plan

A study plan that is well-thought of and realistic will go a long way in reducing one’s stress. It must be created on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, allowing the aspirant to keep a track of the progress and identify the strong and troubled areas. It must also account for breaks and contingencies and must be tailor made to each individual’s needs.

  1. Use the aid of meditation techniques and yoga to destress

There are numerous asanas that can be used by aspirants like Simhasana, Anjali mudra, brahmari pranayama, etc in order to destress. This will not only keep one stress-free and relaxed, but will also keep the mind and body fit and healthy. 

  1. Get adequate sleep

Inadequate sleep will drain you and leave you tired and irritable. It adversely affects your memory and will also reduce your attention span. Get enough sleep to refresh your physical and mental faculties and do not compromise on that.

  1. Eat healthy and nutritious food

Eating fruits, nuts, vegetables etc. will help greatly – it will keep one’s body and mind in good condition as well as provide adequate energy to sustain oneself throughout the day. Avoid junk food that adds to lethargy and poor metabolism.

  1. Take breaks as and when necessary 

It is as important to take breaks as it is to study. These short breaks between study time will help one get refreshed for the next session and will help retain what has been learnt too. One can use the pomodoro technique for taking breaks to make the entire studying process more efficient!

  1. Actively pursue a hobby

Pursuing a hobby is a good way to beat stress. This hobby could range from gardening to hitting the gym, from painting to listening to music. The idea of a hobby is to dig out some time that will help you look forward to something that you really enjoy doing!

  1. Avoid negativity and distractions

Discouraging friends and relatives, the jibber jabber posted on a number of blogs and websites about the exam, mindless TV banter etc, must be avoided to maintain focus and a good state of mind that is conducive for studying. But also remember, as Elanor Roosevelt once famously said, ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ – so keep your mind strong and immune to this negativity.

  1. Seek help

Draw from others’ experience and find solutions to the problems that you are facing. Also, try and talk to someone if you are feeling overly stressed – it could be a parent, teacher, counsellor or friend.

To conclude

All the issues that you are facing might be overwhelming, but remember three things – what you are facing is what others around you who are writing this exam are facing; what you are facing is what others before you have already faced and come through; what you are facing is impermanent and will pass. Find healthy and positive outlets to cope with your stress and there is no doubt that you will emerge victorious!

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