Fun facts about the Periodic Table you must know


Fun facts about the Periodic Table you must know

Most of us do not really want to go back in time to think about the Periodic Table of Elements. But, guess what, it’s so exciting to learn about it! Did you know a professor named Dmitri Mendeleev came up with the Periodic table back in 1869?

But, do we even need the Periodic table?

Without any doubt, YES! Whatever is out there in our knowledge is all there in the periodic table. It’s like knowledge on just one sheet of paper. Study the elements and its arrangements in atomic order and understand with ease its properties and relationship with one another. Most importantly, get a chance to predict properties of elements which are not even discovered yet!

Some of the most popular elements include Hydrogen Helium, Oxygen, Nitrogen and many others. Today, Chemistry is getting more dynamic and interesting. Let’s dig deeper and know the facts of the modern day periodic table:

  1. Periodic table has its history

The periodic table is called so because of the arrangement f elements; it’s in brown and columns! If you look at the horizontal rows, they are called periods. The vertical columns are called groups.

  1. Which the rarest element?

Astatine (At) is known to be the rarest and naturally occurring element on our planet. Its atomic number is 85, atomic weight is 210 and weighs less than 1 gm in the Earth’s crust at a given point. The element is highly radioactive in nature and was discovered back in 1940.

  1. As of 2020, 4 new elements are certified on periodic chart

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) approved Nihonium (113), Moscovium (115), Tennessine (117), and Oganesson (118). The names are inspired by the location of creation or the person who discovered it. 

  1. Mendeleev got featured

This element 101 got its name after the father of our modern Periodic Table. The name is Mendelevium and its a very radioactive element. It comes in small amounts and has no scientific research as such. Become an explorer? Join collegiate Chemistry course to embark your journey.

  1. Mendeleev was psychic?

Well, no. However, when the earlier version was created, he left blank spaces for elements which get discovered later. He marked the spaces exactly. Gallium, scandium, and germanium are 3 elements which come under this bracket!

  1. Playing cards inspired Mendeleev

But, how? He aligned elements on periodic table first then, he wrote its weight on seperate cards. After that, he sorted the cards the solitaire way which is how the periodic table emerged! The suit int he solitaire game is what inspired him to become the father of the modern periodic table!

To sum up…

The periodic table has a lot of strange facts and associations. Infact, such a scientific concert has mentions of very religious minds which is amazing if you dig deeper. If you want to learn the periodic table in and out, become someone in the field, try one of our courses. Don’t forget to tell us how you study the Periodic table, we wanna know!

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