Crack IBPS by Studying 20 Hours a Week

Crack IBPS by Studying 20 Hours a Week

Crack IBPS by Studying 20 Hours a Week

Studying for any competitive exam is a task that requires weeks or months of preparation if you want to be successful in clearing them. The bank exams conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection or IBPS are no different. But that doesn’t mean you need to overload yourself while preparing for the IBPS exam. If you have a proper preparation plan, you can easily study for the exam in the required time.

Remember, it is about how you plan your preparation which will decide if you can successfully cover the entire syllabus in the given time. If you plan your study thinking that you would have to study 15-20 hours a day, you’ll naturally be overwhelmed and end up achieving nothing. But if you make a study plan where you have to study for 20 hours in a week, it will mean that you only have to dedicate 3-4 hours a day to your studies. This seems a little more achievable, doesn’t it?

If you have more than 6 months in your hands to prepare for the IBPS exam, then this “study 20 hours a week” plan would definitely be beneficial for you. In this article we will give you some tips which you can use to follow the “study 20 hours a week” plan successfully.

Tips to crack IBPS by studying 20 hours a week

If you are an aspirant who is going to appear for the upcoming IBPS exam which is in the next 6 or 7 months, you can plan a study-plan of 20 hours a week to successfully complete your preparation for the IBPS exam. To help you achieve this, following are a few tips which you can follow:

1. Have a study plan prepared for everyday

When you are planning to study 20 hours a week to prepare for your IBPS exam, it is very important to have a day to day study plan prepared as you would need to study for at least 3 hours a day. So, when preparing your study plan you need to be clear about what topics you want to cover in that 3-hour span. This would help avoid confusion and you would be able to successfully execute the study plan.

2. Focus on self-study

Most of the time the candidates that attend coaching classes tend to depend more on the coaching institutes and focus less on the self-study which often leads to failure. No matter how much time you spend in the coaching classes, the 3 hours that you need to dedicate in a day should be self-study. This is because self-study is where you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Attend video lectures

If you do not go to any coaching class and are preparing all by yourself, attending video lectures may prove beneficial for you to understand the basic concepts and prepare more efficiently for the exam.

4. Work on Time management

When you are preparing for a competitive exam like IBPS, time management plays a very important role. You need to dedicate time for all sections that fall under the IBPS syllabus and give them equal attention as all these sections are important in scoring.

5. Practice by solving mock papers

Practicing by solving mock papers will help you understand your weak areas so that you can work on them and it would also help to manage time while solving the actual exam. Make sure to add solving the mock papers in your revision while preparing the study plan.

These were a few tips which would help you in successfully executing the 20 hours a week study plan while preparing for your IBPS exam.

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