Controversies Related to Governor’s Role

Controversies Related to Governor’s Role

Controversies Related to Governor’s Role

It is Article 153, the Constitution of India says that there shall be a Governor for each State. A Governor is a nominee of the Central Government appointed by the President.

Article related to Governer 

  • Articles 157 and 158: Eligibility requirements for the post of governor.
  • Article 161: Pardoning Power of the Governor. 
  • Article 163: There is a Council of Minister with the CM at the head to aid and advise the Governor in the exercise of his functions. 
  • Article 164: Appointment of Chief Minister and other Ministers by the Governor.
  • Article 200: Power of Governor to assents, withholds assent, or reserves the bill for the consideration of the President passed by the Legislative Assembly.
  • Article 213: Promulgate the Ordinances under certain circumstances.

Dual role

The Governer, constitutional head of the state is bound by the advice of his council of ministers. He functions as a vital link between the Union Government and the State Government.

Controversies Related to Governor’s Role

  • There is a chance of abusing the post of governor. There are numerous examples that can be cited. Usually at the behest of the ruling party at the Centre. The main reason behind this is the process of appointment. 
  • A Politician or a former bureaucrat with a biased ideology have been appointed as the governor by the central government. It is against the mandated neutral position of the post of the Government.
  • Due to some incidents, negative terms such as an agent of the Centre, Puppet and rubber stamps are used to describe a governor of the state. His spirit of supporting the ruling party at the centre may result in the violation of the model code of conduct.
  • It is the discretionary power of the Governor to invite the leader to form the government after the election. This power has often been misused to favour a particular political party. 
  • A Governor’s recommendation for President’s Rule (Article 356) in a state is based on ‘objective material’, but it has not always. 

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